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The Commodore 64 is notorious among fans of old school gaming and the release of the up coming C64 mini has definitely been gaining a lot of hype in the retro gaming community. I have a few memories of my uncle playing the Commodore 64 as a kid, I can remember watching in wonder as he played on this, at the time, futuristic looking home computer. Gaming has come a long way since then but the Commodore 64 still holds a special place in a lot of gamers hearts.

With the unprecedented success of the Nes Mini Classic Edition and the Snes Mini Classic Edition, it was only a matter of time before other companies followed suit and we saw the re-release of some more classic computers. As a retro gaming fanatic, I am really looking forward to the release of the C64 as it will give myself and retro gamers alike a chance to experience some of the classic titles from the system.

Below is the Yellow Machine press promo for the release of the C64 Mini which hits Game Stop stores around Ireland on the 29th of March.

Did you play the original? Will you be getting the Mini? Let me know in the comments below!

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GameStop Launch the Highly Anticipated C64 Mini

C64 Mini Actual

The most sought after retro gaming phenomenon of 2018 comes to GameStop

March 23rd 2018: Global gaming experts, GameStop, are launching the most anticipated retro gaming console of 2018 on March 29th, the C64 Mini. After the success of the SNES Mini and the surge in retro gaming in Ireland, GameStop are excited to bring the biggest selling console of the 1980’s in to Irish homes again.

C64 Mini Macro logo.jpg

The Commodore 64 was the must have gaming item in the 80’s and now it is reborn and ready for 2018 with 64 built in games for gamers to enjoy. With games from “Alleycat” to “Robin of The Wood”, the C64 Mini is the perfect jolt of nostalgia gamers need in 2018 and experts expect it to be a hit with young and older players alike.

C64 Joystick 3D Actual3

 The mini console comes with a variety of retro accessories and is easily set up via HDMI and USB cables to any modern television set, making it easy to use for anyone. Along with a classic joystick, gamers will be able to easily store the tiny console as its 50% the size of the original console. The console also has a high-definition output, making all those classic games so much easier to enjoy on HD televisions.

 Retro gaming has become a huge global trend and has particularly took hold in Ireland when the SNES Mini was the biggest selling retro gaming console on its release with unheard of demand. The C64 Mini holds even more of an appeal with its classic retro feel and cult following.

C64 Mini side Actual

 As GameStop get set to launch this hotly anticipated product at an affordable price point of €99.99, Thomas Mallon, Marketing Manager for GameStop Norther Europe, said “The demand for the C64 Mini has been phenomenal, we’ve received huge amounts of pre-orders and are encouraging customers to look at the pre-order option to ensure they get their hands on one. The expectation from customers has already far surpassed that of the SNES Mini so we expect this to be the biggest selling gaming item of 2018 so far. Our entire team are so excited for customers to try out this retro classic, it’s really something for the whole family to enjoy.”

 The C64 Mini is available for pre-order on and will be released in stores on March 29th. For further information follow GameStop Ireland at