The third installment into the Super Mario Bros series is arguably the best of all. SMB3 (Super Mario Bros 3) was initially released in Japan during October of 1988, it didn’t make it to western markets until February of 1990 with little old Ireland not being graced by its presence until August of 1991. SMB3 was highly anticipated in the Western market due to the 1989 movie The Wizard featuring Fred Savage. The movie is based around 3 kids who go on the run to attend a video game championship which features none other than Super Mario Bros 3. With the movie coming out a year before the video game in North America, SMB3 was highly anticipated among gamers and eventually became one of the best selling video games of all time. For me, SMB3 was a childhood favorite that both my brother and I still play to this day.

Super Mario Bros. 3 load screen.

Even though I have been playing this game for over two decades, I have never been able to complete it and that is just one of the many reasons that keeps me coming back for more year in year out. I have so many happy memories of playing this game and like a lot of my nostalgia infused flashbacks, they include my older brother Aodhan. We would spend hours sitting in our room, in front of the TV playing any game we could get our hands on and SMB3 was no exception. We collected the Super Mario Bros sticker album, watched Super Mario Bros TV shows, picked up any magazine with articles on the game and even watched The Wizard more times than I can remember. We have bonded over many games during our time but the bond surrounding this game is something extra special and that’s possibly the main reason why I love this game so much.

The all too familiar map of World 1.

There is so much on offer in SMB3 from the different worlds, various mini games to the wonderful power ups. With so many cool power ups it is difficult to choose a favorite, but if I had to choose one I would have to say its the Tanooki Suit as I always thought it turned Mario into a teddy bear. The mini games were a lot of fun too, I loved the card game the best as you were likely to get some good bonuses if you managed to flip over the correct cards. My favorite of the 8 main worlds in the game was always world 4 which is called Giant Land as all of the enemies are, well, giants.  I used to get myself a warp whistle, go straight to world 4, play through it, reset the game and do it all over again. Maybe my obsession with world 4 is why I never managed to make it passed world 8.

Flying high in Giant Land.


As I mentioned, I have tried to complete this game so many times over the years but to date I have not been successful. I can get to world 8 pretty fast with the help of some trusty warp whistles but the battle ship levels always get the better of me. I will never give up on my mission to complete the game and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. I have been playing through it on the Nes Classic lately, using the handy save function as I perilously make my way through each world, taking no shortcuts on my quest to defeat Bowser. I am currently saved on world 8 and will take up arms again over the next few days.

Fire Mario in World 8.

Even now as I reminisce on this glorious game, I can’t help but smile and feel happy as nostalgia sweeps over me. That is part of the magic of retro gaming for me, when replaying one of the games from my childhood I am transported back in time to the good old days. If you haven’t played this game before then I implore you to check it out, if you have this game and haven’t fired it up in a while then why not take a trip down memory lane with one of video games finest.

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