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Something that can be easily over looked when on the hunt for some new old games is buying in bulk. When buying a bundle of games it does require you to spend a little more than usual but it generally means that you will get each game for a lower price than you would if you were to buy it on its own. Also when buying games online, a single game could have postage and packaging charges of around €10 to €15 which can be just as much as the game itself. When buying a bundle, the postage and packaging might be a little higher but you will get a lot more games in return for the extra expense. Here are just a couple of times when buying in bulk meant that I got more bang for my buck.


The first bundle I bought was from eBay and it was 5 loose Nes carts which consisted of Super Mario Bros 2 & 3, Metroid, The Legend Of Zelda and Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. To buy all of these carts loose it could cost anywhere from €120 to €150 depending on where you get them from, I managed to bag the bunch for a total of €70 inc postage and packaging. That’s a saving of between €50 and €80 which is a nice chunk of change and could go towards more gaming goodness. Usually when people are selling in bulk, they are trying to just get rid of stuff for a quick sell which is why the prices tend to be lower than normal.

My first bundle buy added some amazing titles to my collection for a great price.

My 2nd bundle buy was probably the best deal I have gotten in all my years of collecting. This deal came from which is an Irish buy, swap and sell website. I managed to pick up a boxed Nintendo 64, 5 boxed Nintendo 64 games, 3 loose carts, 2 loose manuals and 1 rumble pack. In today’s market I’d value this bundle at up to €250, considering the bundle contained a boxed console and a complete in box copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time among other things. I managed to to get the lot for just under €100 which was a fantastic deal. Some of the games in this bundle were doubles which I traded in to my local retro video game store for credit towards even more games.

This was the best bundle deal I have purchased to date, everything here for less than €100.

These two bundle buys were just some of many that I have purchased over the years which have been great deals. Buying in bulk meant that I got games and consoles at a reduced price which is always a good thing. I have seen people going to extremes lately and buying full sets of games for thousands of euro which is quite an extravagant purchase. This isn’t something that I would be into but spending around the €100 mark should get you a good bunch of games for a fair price.

Hopefully this tip has been helpful and you have some luck buying in bulk.

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