Friday the 25th of August was the 20th anniversary of Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64. Goldeneye is an iconic and revolutionary first person shooter by the Notorious Rare company who created some of the N64’s most beloved games. Video game to movie adaptations have not been very successful over the years,  when it comes to games based on movies however, there have been some real gems. With great titles such as The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Disney’s Aladdin, movie to video game adaptations have brought us some outstanding games and Goldeneye 007 is definitely one of the best. This game has a lot to offer and first up ill talk about the wonderful story mode.

Starting out at the Dam.

When playing through the story mode, there are 18 different levels to beat with 2 bonus multiplayer levels which can be unlocked. My favorite level in the game is actually the first one which is simply called Dam. As a kid I used to play through this level on repeat as I loved the ending when James Bond bungee jumps off the enormous dam and into what seems like oblivion. There is so much variety with each level as the game takes you through snowy plateaus, giant war vessels, thick green jungles and so much more. There are different objectives for each level depending on what difficulty you decide to play it on. The various objectives and difficulty levels means that both the casual and hard core gamer can enjoy playing through the game. Even when you get to the final stage and complete the story mode, Goldeneye 007 will keep you coming back for more with all of it’s cheat code content and the brilliant local multiplayer mode.

Entering cheat codes can unlock some cool options such as paintball mode.

The multiplayer mode gives you the chance to play as some of the movies main characters as well as James Bond himself. There are a number of different stages to play through with various different game options and weapons to choose from. My personal favorite weapon to use during multiplayer matches would have to be the legendary Golden Gun as it looks really cool. There can be up to 4 people playing at any given time and being a local multiplayer, the split screen action meant that you had to be creative when trying to stop other players from looking at your screen and finding out your location. I have heard so many stories over the years from people who have used various different ways to separate the screens and stop other players from cheating. From stacks of VHS tapes, Bed clothes, pillows and cut up cereal boxes, there was no end to the creative ingenuity of a child when it came to getting the high score and winning bragging rights over friends.

Some multiplayer action.

Goldneye 007 is a game that has brought me so much joy during its 20 year life span and it will continue to do so for many more. I love every aspect of the game, it didn’t matter to me if I was playing the story mode by myself, playing multiplayer with friends or just sitting by and watching in awe as my older brother Aodhan played through each level on the highest difficulty, all the while making it look like a piece of cake. This game captivated my young mind 20 years ago and still excites me just as much today as it did back then.

The legendary Golden Gun.

If you have never had the pleasure of playing Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 then I would highly advise you pick up a copy soon and experience one of the consoles finest games.

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