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In my early days of gaming, I was definitely a creature of habit, I would tend to play the same games over and over again without branching out to discover new genres that I might also like. I would play Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Blue or Yellow on repeat so much that I wouldn’t notice some of the other great games that were available at the time. Over the past few years I have discovered so many amazing titles that I never got into as a kid due to being hooked on a select few games.

Pokémon on the Game Boy, one of my go to games.

The Nes Classic was a great system for introducing me to new games that I had never played before such as Ninja Gaiden, Kid Icarus and Excitebike. One of the first games I played on the system was Kirby’s Adventure and that turned out to be one of the greatest games that I have ever played. I am honestly disappointment that childhood me didn’t get the chance to play these games and more all those years ago.

The Nes Classic introduced me to some great games that I wouldn’t normally play.

Having played and completed Kirby’s Adventure for the first time ever only a few months ago, I can safely say that it has joined the ranks of my top favorite video games of all time. Now Kirby’s Adventure was a late release on the Nes so it might have been the Super Nintendo that distracted me from it when it was initially released as I was probably hooked on Super Mario World at the time. However, even when I got into collecting I had read a lot on the game and seen it in action but for some reason I still didn’t pick up a copy. I wish so much that I had discovered this game years ago as I know it would have brought me so much joy to play.

Kirby’s Adventure on the Nes.

I finally branched out and tried something new in the form of Kirby’s Adventure, only to discover one of my now favorite games ever. So branch out and pick up a copy of something that you might not normally be drawn to, you never know, it could be the best video game that you have never played.

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